We love it Hair fetish and desire for body hair

We love it: Hair fetish and desire for body hair

When poets and writers want to sing a song about the beauty of a woman, they very often mention her hair. They can be luxurious, silky, curly, or fall on her back in delicate curls. And many imagine exactly this picture when they think of a beautiful woman. A hair fetish is the love of hair. And it’s not just about women, men can also have pretty exciting hair. And most importantly, it is also not about the hair on the head.

Everyone likes something different! Richard von Kraft-Ebbing mentions a man who married a bearded woman from the circus. When she died, he found another bearded woman. And I personally talked to men who are enthusiastic about women who have rather stiff black hair growing on their boobs and nipples.

The ladies wanted to get rid of them, but the men just begged to keep their hair. And now I will please you with facts from the life of celebrities – among famous people, Yukio Mishima and Howard Hughes was trichophillas too! On the watch.fetishes.cam you will meet amazing girls who can boast of luxurious hair. And again, I’m not talking specifically about the hair on the head, there are categories such as HairyArmpits and HairyPussies!

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