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Who can use Yoni egg with pleasure? You can!

They are not directly related to sex, it is difficult to call them even a fetish. Rather, it is a very useful simulator for women, and they look very cool. Small eggs made of jade ideally. However, today you can also buy a Yoni egg from other materials. They are put in the vagina, and a woman can keep them there for several minutes, a whole night or several hours. It all depends on the degree of training of your vaginal muscles.

They say that women begin to involuntarily perform Kegels’ exercises, which noticeably strengthen the vagina. So then you will be able to please your beloved with incredible adventures in bed! Today, all sex gurus use Yoni egg, and they say that Yoni egg is made of natural stones and even contributes to improving well-being.

Information specifically for women – these cute stone eggs will help fight premenstrual syndrome, reduce periodic pain, and also improve the work of internal organs. A solid joy, for many also a pleasant feeling! I would like to know from my readers if you use Yoni egg, and how satisfied you are with the effect and the result.

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Alien Dildo Fetish

Alien Dildo is a store that caters to lovers of tentacle dildos. If you are looking for all kinds of weird-looking dolls, we got you covered! Our alien dildos come in a variety of sizes and shapes to give users the kind of pleasure they’ve always desired. In terms of safety, our products are made of non-porous materials and are phthalate-free. You’ll have no problem using any of our dildos.

unicorn 1

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Your Vagina needs crystals: Yoni eggs mania

In ancient Indian treatises, the word “yoni” denoted the vagina! And about the possibilities of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, as well as about exercises with an egg made of crystal written in the Kama Sutra! This is an old practice, and even gynecologists say that it makes sense. The egg must be made of natural material, it even has a sacred meaning!

Today you can pick up crystals and minerals, especially for yourself, energy experts know which crystals are necessary for me for each zodiac sign. Maybe it sounds funny to someone, but Yoni eggs are very popular all over the world, and real ones are not cheap at all. Pumping the muscles of the vagina with the help of Yoni eggs from jade, a woman takes her sexual capabilities to a new level, and also maintains her health and longevity.

Many diseases, including problems with conception, are advised to be treated using a set of exercises with Yoni eggs in India even nowadays. It’s great that today such toys can be purchased freely, and it’s not difficult to figure out how to use them! They need to wear it for no less than 15 minutes a day, but some experienced girls can even sleep with Yoni eggs!

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