Writers who confessed love for the Feet Fetish Cams category

Writers who confessed love for the Feet Fetish Cams category

If you are fond of the Feet Fetish Cams category, then you probably know that this Fetish literally breaks all records in the world! A lot of famous people admit that feet and toes excite them. Among them is the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote the novel “The Great Gatsby”. At that time, only a few people knew that the famous writer was a fan of various fetishes.

He changed partners quite often, but many said that women’s legs excite him most of all! He even came to the prostitutes, just to admire their legs! Also, Fyodor Dostoevsky, a Russian writer, and author of “Crime and Punishment”, is considered a foot fetishist. His mistress wrote in her memoirs that he literally worshiped her feet.

And also in some of his novels, there is a mention of how men rushed to kiss women’s feet, and this is quite a colorful description! If feet excite you too, I recommend you to look for Feet Fetish Cams models on the pussy.live website!

Here I met amazing girls, with whom you can talk about everything! For example, about the classics of world literature, who is delighted with the same fetish as you!

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