Can you control pleasure? Watch Orgasm Control Cams

There are a lot of techniques that can be summarized by the term “orgasm control”. But they are all built on the same principle – slow smooth bringing the partner to the peak of pleasure, then stopping. Ideally, even the partner should not move, so as not to provoke an orgasm.

When the acute wave of arousal falls, you can start to excite and caress your partner again. And then you stop again. So again and again, with new ones again, until you let him cum. By the way, if we are talking about BDSM practices, a happy ending can be avoided altogether. This is one of the torments that is aimed specifically at punishment.

Although many masochists just like to experience a sexual sensation, also obey the mistress or the master, who simply are not allowed to cum right now. It all depends on your desire! In addition, there are many interesting techniques that will help to enhance the sensations. If you want to deal with them – see the Orgasm Control Cams category, here you will find a lot of new interesting things for yourself.


A new level of enjoyment with Orgasm Control Cams

There is still a lot of information about body control on the Internet, but it is better to ask those who practice this technique of Orgasm Control. After all, only they know all the pros and cons, as well as the incredible opportunities that this practice can give. I managed to talk to a person who deals with control. So, you can not only prolong your sex but also enhance the sensations of your orgasms.

The fact is that – you postpone the orgasm, you stimulate all the nerve endings to the maximum. I assume that this happens with women’s orgasms as well, but for a man, I will say for sure – the sensations are several times stronger! You have not experienced such an orgasm yet if you did not postpone the culmination for 30 – 40 minutes!

There are different methods to do it, including cooling gels, which help to stretch the pleasure. Also different techniques, including bdsm orgasm control. I also suggest you watch Orgasm Control Cams, because this is a great opportunity to learn something from those who have been practicing the technique for a long time. And it’s also a good option for entertainment this evening – models will teach you how to delay the peak of pleasure!


Orgasm Control Cams: it can affect men’s health

I have known about this practice for a long time, and we even talked with you several times about various aspects of Orgasm Control Cams. Well, I got some bad news from my doctor friend – he said that for a man, this practice can be quite harmful. The good news is – there is no such danger for girls!

But for a man, it can have some pretty serious consequences if you want to practice often. For example, erectile dysfunction, arousal problems, orgasm problems. Although, if you practice Orgasm Control quite rarely, or you just like to watch porn films on this topic, then nothing bad will happen. It is not recommended to practice Orgasm Control more than once every one to two weeks. From my point of view I want to add that the opinion of the doctor is quite logical.

If you like such a sweet treat, then I do not advise you to overeat – it can rarely be even sweeter. Write if you used orgasm control and how it affected your health. I do not want to scare anyone, but I am always for sexual practices to be safe for your health!


Orgasm control methods for anyone… after practice

Orgasm control is a quite cruel practice, agree! Moreover, there are several techniques that include:

Orgasm control for a certain period of time.
Complete orgasms’ denial.
The decreased pleasure from orgasm.

An interesting point is that if you do not use these techniques all the time, then they are considered quite safe. But, if a man or woman is used to control orgasms permanently, then they may develop serious sexual dysfunctions and problems. So don’t forget, this is a game, not a lifestyle. Of course, if your goal is not to completely suppress orgasm once and forever. All these techniques need long-term training.

For example, your dominant can clearly say how many times a day you need to reach orgasm, and how many times a day you need to keep yourself on the edge. Then the number of orgasms will decrease, and the slave will learn to constantly keep himself on the verge of pleasure, but will not allow it to occur. By the way, this practice is used as a punishment if your dominant is dissatisfied with you. You can get some instructions from experienced Dominatrix on the, I recommend you to visit the section with new models more often because real diamonds appear there!


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Harsh BDSM technique: Orgasm control – cum on command

Today I want to touch on the topic of Orgasm control in BDSM! Because for many, Orgasm control is a standard game in which a partner can act actively, but when he sees that an orgasm is coming, just stops or slows down. But, today I really want to talk about the female side of this phenomenon.

For BDSM, Orgasm control is part of the slave’s control and training. And it can also be a punishment that will follow the bad performance of their duties. No strawberries for Bad boys and girls, even if it seems to you that the orgasm is already 3 seconds away from them. Some people use the term Orgasm control not only as a restriction. They can also train their slaves to have an orgasm on command! Can you imagine how much training, whipping, and hard work is needed so that a person can have an orgasm just from one word or action, at the order of his Mistress?

By the way, if you want to get acquainted with the most severe and cruel mistress of the Internet, I recommend the site There are a lot of new models here, as well as categories that you probably haven’t even seen before. And if you are looking for a partner or teacher for BDSM – here you will find what you have been dreaming about for a long time.

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