Lustful Tentacles in Japanese erotic culture

In Japanese anime, there is a term “sekushu goukan” (触手強姦) meaning “tentacle rape”. But, you will be very surprised to learn that this is not some modern kink fantasy, quite a traditional fantasy for the Japanese. Surely many have seen the classic picture “fisherman wife’s dream”, where a beautiful Japanese woman literally makes love with an octopus!

Let’s just say that the picture clearly shows that the girl and the octopuses really enjoy everything that is happening, and the level of sexual tension is very high! The same theme and image of the sexual act between a woman and an octopus are shown in other classic erotic works – these are paintings, figurines, and Japanese engravings.

There is unconfirmed information but I know, some geishas had fun in this way with live octopuses, and someone even still practices this strange kind of sex. Further, the Tentacles theme has leaked into anime and manga, and now all over the world, people are buying dildos with suction cups! To be honest, I don’t see anything sexy here, but if girls like such toys, why not. I mean with rubber and plastic octopuses only, not live ones!


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What to do with Tentacles during sex?

Fans of Japanese sex anime dream of meeting a sexy monster with Tentacles! Naturally, buying an octopus in a pet store and having sex with it is crazy, and it is also quite unpleasant, don’t you agree? I don’t think he will be delighted with your excitement, and it’s unlikely that you will succeed. So this option immediately disappears, but a lot of other possibilities open up in front of you.

One of them is to order realistic masturbators in the form of Tentacles on the Internet. Yes, you may be surprised, but such things really exist. Hefty Tentacles of the most unreal colors and sizes, and they can also be made of different materials – from dense to soft and realistic.

You can also find phalluses made in the form of Tentacles as if belonging to some unrealistically sexy water monster. In general, we live in an ideal time, because even if you dream of a penis in the form of Tentacles, then you can easily buy it! When else was it possible to get something as crazy for sex as today? The most interesting thing is that on the website, some girls already have such toys, it remains only to find and ask to use them right now!

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