Why does someone love Feet Fetish Cams so much

Why does someone love Feet Fetish Cams so much???

I know that for some categories, Feet Fetish Cams are the top of bliss because they adore everything related to legs, feet and toys, and even toenails. Well, others can’t understand what’s sexy about women’s or men’s feet? So, I want to tell you what real foot fetishists dream about. Scientists believe that the passion for legs is due to evolution! After all, in ancient times, having long and strong legs was the key to success.

You can run away from an enemy or a wild beast, you are successful in hunting, and in general – long legs are what ancient men needed for survival. And one of the criteria, as we chose each other thousands of years ago, is based on physical characteristics. Today we can talk about the soul, but agree, beautiful female boobs, round ass, and long legs are awesome.

And everything has a logical explanation – big boobs mean a lot of milk for children, wide juicy hips – it’s easy to give birth to a baby. Approximately according to this principle, fans of Feet Fetish Cams choose their only one. It’s just that they don’t like tits or ass at all, but legs! If you are one of them, I recommend you to visit the site sexchats.me there are a lot of options for communicating with models who also adore when their legs are worshiped!

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