Finger Cams: One Question About Long Nails

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what I can write today on the topic of Finger Cams. It seems we’ve already talked about everything… And then I remembered the message that came to me! The guy asks how girls do IT with such long nails.

And then I realized that I had thought about it many times. Are you not in pain? Or do webcam models specifically use this technique to inspire subscribers? After all, a pussy is such a tender part of a body, and these long nails seem aggressive to me. Although, I may be wrong, and this only adds fire and passion to the sweet relationship between the girls. I am waiting now for an answer to these questions from you, girls!

Write about your experience and sensations. And also, as always, I am waiting for your comments and suggestions. It’s not so easy to come up with new topics, write what interests you in this topic. Here you can freely talk about your favorite fetishes!


Finger Cams: Is it like having sex with a pro guitarist?

More and More often I hear the opinion that if a good person plays the guitar, then finger sex with him will sound like a real rhapsody! It makes sense because musical instruments also develop finger speed, as well as fine motor skills.

If you imagine that you have a guitar in front of you, you will be able to satisfy any girl with the most piquant desires. Write, isn’t it so, would you have finger sex with a guitarist or a pianist? And also interested in the opinion of girls. I don’t know how to play musical instruments, so I don’t have my own experience in this matter.

But, even if you are skilled in playing on pussy, then I recommend going to the Finger Cams category to emphasize something new. You will be able to see how professionals bring girls to orgasm with one finger. You also ask them for technical advice – many of them are happy to share their skills with you. Everything else is experience and a desire not to experiment, and you also need a patient partner!


Finger Cams will teach you the secret techniques of caresses

If you think that you can bring your partner to orgasm only with the help of a good dick, you don’t know anything about cool sex! From a professional of Finger Cams – a few recommendations on how to do it with your finger. There are three main techniques for using your secret weapon on a pussy – a finger!

  • Horizontal. The man strokes his finger from left to right and vice versa.
  • Vertical. You need to caress from top to bottom and from bottom to top.
  • Circular. Drive your finger around the clitoris.

It is also worth noting that you should start with a light, slightly perceptible touch. It will allow you to excite your partner and prepare her for the main event. You can conduct finger sex sessions and you don’t need a dick at all.

Although it’s hard to resist such pleasure, sometimes we only give pleasure to our partner, right? If you want to learn more about how to caress, also look at the category Finger Cams. You will not regret it, because there you can not only enjoy watching, but learn, and immediately repeat the learned material to your partner. I generally think that a webcam is also a learning platform.


Finger Cams: a useful skill for any man

I’ve heard somewhere that a Frenchman remains a man as long as he has at least one finger! Of course, this statement was invented by men aged 50+, when they are already beginning to worry about their potency. Well, it’s not worth putting off learning finger sex for such a long time. It is better to start training in advance in order to be able to give your partner great pleasure.

I would say that you don’t have to wait until you have only one finger left to try to show real miracles with this one finger and bring girls to orgasm. The main thing is not to strive to learn any particular technique. All the girls are so different, they like completely different caresses and stimulation. So if you want to work with your finger, then you need to improvise constantly.

Try, experiment, touch all sensitive areas with your fingers. You don’t have to be inside all the time, explore her inner thighs, ass, anus, labia. Your fingers will definitely find those places where she will cum so easily. If you want to see how professionals do this, go to the category of Finger Cams. Here you will see how you can satisfy your partner with one finger in a matter of minutes.


The Finger sex Cams techniques that blows the roof off!

Today I want to talk about the tambing technique! It has a direct relation to Finger sex, and this is one of the most pleasant types of it. This is stimulation of the vagina with the thumbs. The fact is that the average length of the thumb is sufficient to stimulate a huge number of nerve endings.

Firstly, the inner part of the clitoris, secondly, you can reach the G-spot! And of course, the first few centimeters of the vagina are the most sensitive, so touching it, rubbing and caressing with the help of tumbs is a great option to diversify your sex life. Of course, do not forget about the clitoris and labia, many girls like it as a foreplay.

Also, you do not need to push too hard, start a mixture of all gentle touches, and then increase the pace, if necessary, increasing the pressure! If you like Finger sex, then be sure to write whether you have tried this technique. And also I will be interested to hear from girls whether they like stimulation with their thumbs or not. And if not, then how can we please you?


Lazy Finger sex for you and your partner

Hi, I hope that the topic of Finger sex really interests you, because today I want to talk about it in more detail. Sexologists consider Fingeringto to be a universal technique that is suitable for men and women. These are point touches and stimulation of erogenous zones, so first you have to decide where your partners’ erogenous zones are.

Otherwise, instead of strong arousal and a powerful orgasm, you can only get mucosal damage and unpleasant memories. They use finger stimulation to fit areas such as the clitoris, vagina, penis and balls, anus, and mouth. Initially, it was believed that Finger sex is suitable exclusively for women, but today it is adored by everyone!

And it can be both foreplay or a full-fledged sexual act that will end with an orgasm. In this case, we are talking about mutual masturbation of partners. Honestly, I think it’s a great alternative when you’re too lazy to have standard sex. Lazy weekends that you will spend in bed. Why not please each other with your fingers? In the following posts, I plan to write a little about the Finger sex technique, but you can add your observations and give useful tips!


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In any unknown situation, you can always use a Finger

A brilliant pianist can play an ideal composition even on a log, and a good lover can give unreal pleasure to his partner with one finger. When it comes to Finger sex, it is most often implied that a partner gives pleasure to a woman. But, many men also like Finger games and are happy to give their holes in someone’s experienced fingers. We are usually talking about spot orgasms, lovers looking for the G-spot, stimulating the clitoris, as well as pleasing the prostate.

Many girls say that Finger sex gives a brighter and more peculiar feeling! Although, less sensitive ones can tell you that this is no different from standard masturbation. But, a really experienced finger fucker will be able to make the most sensitive girl scream with pleasure. And if you want to see how professionals do it, I recommend the site

Here you will see all the rules of finger sex, and you can learn something! Such useful techniques are suitable not only for men but also for women. In any case, I am interested in your personal experience, as well as any questions and fantasies on this topic. Write in the comments whether you practice Finger sex, or your partners do not want to get involved with it. And if you know any interesting techniques – I’m waiting for a description!

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