Dominant and Submissive the code of honor

Dominant and Submissive: the code of honor

When it comes to Dominant and Submissive, for some reason we imagine a ruthless dominant who constantly wants only to cause pain in the name of his sexual pleasure. And also his Bottom one, who constantly suffers humiliation, never gets anything in return, and at the same time is absolutely happy to serve his master or mistress. But, this is not quite true, and such relationships can be much deeper than you might think.

Rather, they should be deeper, because in a Dominant and Submissive relationship, everything may not be as simple as in an ordinary couple. And very often they even prescribe a contract on paper. There will be several rules for a real dominant, and he should not just demonstrate all these things, but feel&show them:

Lack of cruelty.
Mental and physical strength.
Safety knowledge.
Not only to demand but also to negotiate.
The ability to hear “no”.
To be stronger regardless of gender.
Be able to express his/hers feelings.

The exception is one-time meetings with different dominants when it’s just the format of the game. But even in this case, some of these rules must be followed. For example, you need to make sure that the new person knows safety techniques perfectly and can be trusted. How to understand it – we will talk about it in the following articles.

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