I know you like Foot Fetish Live Cam too

If you’re reading this, then you probably like the Foot Fetish Live Cam category! I know, but it’s not the most common, and not everyone understands that it can be so exciting when caressing legs. But a real fan of Foot Fetish Live Cam is a person who can reach orgasm when his feet are massaged. He gets excited from walking on a pebble on the beach if they meet a partner who also loves petting legs – for him this is the most ideal option for private life. 

Or yet some people are not ready to open themselves to the world, and there are sites for them, such as privatehdcam.net. Here you can get acquainted with models who will show you all the most desirable and interesting things. And it’s also an option for you if your partner turns out to be just the one who doesn’t like such things. 

Then you can chat with Foot Fetish Live Cam girls, and it doesn’t even count as cheating if you think about it that way. It’s just your entertainment, like porn. You can write here, have you revealed to your family and friends the whole truth about your favorite fetish or not, are you embarrassed to tell about it or not! I think there is nothing to be ashamed of because foot fetish is one of the most harmless!

Mistress Cams: 6 safety Rules for BDSM Beginners

If you seriously want to practice BDSM and participate in the most outspoken Mistress Cams sessions, then you definitely need to know safety techniques. Your mistress will keep an eye on you, but you should not forget to caution yourself.

  1. Your mistress is your choice, and you have to trust her, in some cases even trust her with your life. Everything that happens during the session is her responsibility. And remember – not always the sexiest and youngest girl will suit you, she may simply not have enough experience.
  2. Let go of the shyness and put yourself in the hands of your dominant. And yet you should set a safe word, if you feel that something wrong is happening – immediately say it.
  3. Never use toys or tools that you don’t know how to use!
  4. Pay attention to which ropes you choose. They should not slip, as well as tighten on their own.
  5. It is better to stop in time than not to stop and put your life in real danger.
  6. You should always have the means for medical care, and you should also know how to call an ambulance. I hope you won’t need it, but still don’t ignore it.

There are very few restrictions for fans of the Mistress Cams category, but safety is everything here. With the most beautiful and experienced Dominatrix you can meet on the website sexchats.me. I wish you good luck and safe BDSM sessions that bring you only pleasure.

New girl from the category Mistress Webcam Live

I found a new girl who works in the category Mistress Webcam Live on the site adultchat.cam. I think you’ll like her, that’s why I decided to share my new find. To be honest, I have already been with her, and I can say that she deserves attention, as well as a special blog article dedicated to her. We are talking about RoxanneBells, I found her completely random. I just visited the section with beginners there. 

By the way, this is a great idea for those who want to give themselves a pleasant surprise. Go to the section with newbies, and see who you’ve never chatted with before! My beauty showed me everything I dreamed of, and she did not refuse me my small, but very nasty requests. 

So, I love the models of Mistress Webcam Live, there are very few restrictions for them, they are usually ready to do almost anything to arouse the interest of the guest! And what are you ready to do for the sake of the beauty on the other side of the screen – write in the comments how you were punished by the models of Mistress Webcam Live, as well as what restrictions exist for you personally, which you will never do in sex?

Exhibitionism and beaches: the perfect combination

For all those who like to show themselves in public, there is also a great place – beaches for naturalists. They exist in almost all countries where there is a sea, however, with rare exceptions. And yet, beaches for nudists, special hotels where children and especially impressionable people are not allowed, but you can go completely naked, as well as special clubs and parties for nudists.

But, most Exhibitionism just hates such events. I think the thing is that they just really want to stand out in a crowd, and it’s very hard for you to stand out if everyone around you is also naked. It’s quite another thing to show yourself somewhere in the subway, take a ride on public transport in a raincoat on a naked body, flashing without panties on the street. So extreme is very important for Exhibitionism, the opportunity to do something really forbidden. Although beaches for nudists and specialized clubs are always full.

I happened to visit such a special hotel several times, where you could swim in the pool completely naked, and also visit the spa naked. I will tell you, it is a very pleasant feeling, and also helps to relax and accept yourself as you are. But, this is a completely different story, very far from the topic of Exhibitionism.

Great Midori domme – a star for all Femdom Live Webcam fans

Looking for BDSM models, do you like Femdom Live Webcam category? Then you need to know your heroes! One of the most famous BDSM mistresses in the world is Mrs. Midori. If this name is not familiar to you, it is unlikely that you can be called a true fan of Femdom Live Webcam!

So, this cruel beauty has been a key figure in the BDSM community for more than 20 years. In recent years, she has been providing training seminars, teaching young Ladies how to bring anyone to their knees – a man, a woman, or both at once. Her main specialization is shibari, as well as everything related to the bandage. If you want to find an amazing mistress for yourself, then go to the pussy.live website. 

I always recommend it when I am asked where it is best to look for BDSM-themed models. Here you will really find what you are looking for, and even more. Well, if you’re not lucky, write to me and I’ll give you recommendations about the best and toughest mistress of the Internet Femdom Live Webcam community! And of course, on the Internet, you will find a lot of material about the incomparable Lady Midori.

Welcome to Webcam Squirt! Great girls are waiting for you

I want to show you the unique girls who work in the Webcam Squirt category! There are 3 of them in front of the camera at once, and each of them knows how to make the show even sweeter and more exciting. I present to you the Sassytiff great trio, and you will see them on pussy.live!

One of the main features is that they know how to bring each other to a wet orgasm without any problems. By the way, they like to have fun when there are a lot of viewers in front of the camera, so they are happy to work with couples! In general, they do not put any restrictions.

I consider pussy.live one of the best resources for finding unusual erotic shows, because there is a huge database of models’ portfolios. You can search by hashtags, or just walk through the pages in search of something spicy. That’s how I found three girls on whose page I was stuck for a very long time.

Next time I’ll give you even more tips on the Webcam Squirt category if it is entertainment to your taste. In the meantime, catch the best models online, and don’t give up if someone has already taken them to a private room. There are so many opportunities here that there is simply no time to be sad!

Urophilia in case of alternative medicine – is it useful?

Even if we forget about the topic of fetishism, some people prefer to drink urine and believe that this is a cure for many diseases. Could it also be called Urophilia? Today on the Internet you can find an offer to buy and sell fresh urine for urine therapy, and the main requirements are that it should be a young person who does not drink alcohol and does not smoke and also does not use drugs.

By the way, in a sense, Urophilia was common in ancient India and Egypt, because there it was believed that a drink made from fresh urine could cure almost any disease! Well, this is a controversial issue, because someone believes that urine is a source of nutrients, proteins, and microelements. But doctors still claim that this is waste from our body, harmful substances, and decay products come out with the liquid.

So do not try to treat serious diseases in this way. If you just want to taste it, you like to drink urine, and you are experiencing acute arousal – then you can count yourself among the followers of the Urophilia movement. Although, I think someone really masks Urophilia under the confidence in the therapeutic use of this drink…

Diaper fetish lovers, where do you buy everything you need?

The Diaper theme interests me like a phenomenon, as does the theme of any unusual Fetish. And I would like to ask my audience a question – where is it better to buy a Diaper for your games? You can buy a Diaper for adults in pharmacies, but judging by the photos from the Internet and on thematic sites, fans of fetishes choose very special panties for big boys and girls.

There may even be very childish drawings on them! Such things are clearly not bought in a pharmacy but on a specialized website. But, I can assume that special gaming Diapers will cost much more than a standard package of hygiene products for adults. So if you are in the topic, be sure to show on which site you can order cool attributes for your fetish.

And I want to say that fans of all interesting fetishes can visit watch.fetishes.cam website. But, this is not really my topic, maybe I missed some Diaper models. Write in the comments the nickname of the model, with whom you can play like daddy and baby.

Dangerous, scary, and painful – Zappers and BDSM

Probably this is one of the few practices that I’m really afraid of and probably will never use on myself. Once I had to experience an electric shock, and it was not exciting at all. But, I have seen in porn many times how professional dominants handle stun guns, and even several times on the watch.fetishes.cam site.

I won’t even say that you should know all the safety precautions and also make sure that your partner is not wearing a pacemaker or any other similar device! Many people claim that by receiving a small electric shock, the brain can transform it into pleasure. Someone experiences an unreal pleasure of a strong orgasm after pain. Well, I can only say that this is a pleasure for an amateur! But also do not forget that our body is able to adapt to many things.

And therefore, if yesterday a small electric discharge gave you pleasure, today you will need a much more powerful discharge. Tomorrow you will want the maximum possible! It turns out that this is a real drug for Zappers, and here it’s time to think about your health, not just about orgasms.

Ambulance doctors know best about Food play

As I have already said, I am not judging anyone and admitting the existence of all interesting sexual fetishes. And yet, you can laugh about Food play, because it is really the ambulance doctors who know the most accurate statistics on it. Gynecologists and proctologists, and sometimes other specialists, even a surgeon, have to face the consequences of Food play!

Many women want to try masturbation with the help of fruits and vegetables, but even here there is a danger that a cucumber or banana can damage the vaginal mucosa, a hard carrot can suddenly break in the anus, and it will not be possible to extract the rest of the fruit or vegetable on their own. The second point, many people try to put condoms on them, which slips off your organic dildo.

It can also be very difficult to get a condom on your own. Also, there are allergies to vegetables and fruits! So not all the stories about Food play are successful stories because people usually hush up with fiascos. But doctors know for sure that there are a lot of Food play lovers, and most likely their flow will never end. So remember, cucumbers and carrots look better in a salad!

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