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Humiliation Cams: What can you enjoy here at all?

Humiliation in BDSM – is it so scary? For me, yes. This is not my practice, but I am still ready to share its basics and interesting moments with you. Let’s talk. Humiliation – it is not about tearing someone down or causing harm. Humiliation in BDSM is more about being teased, surrendering control, and reveling in the art of vulnerability.
Of course, not everyone’s cup of tea includes humiliation, and that’s A-okay! BDSM is a buffet of delights, and we all have our favorite dishes. But for those who dare to explore these spicy cakes, it can be a cool journey of self-discovery. What is about how different people interpret humiliation in various ways? For some, it’s about playful embarrassment and giggles; for others, it’s a path to personal growth and acceptance.
One of the most interesting aspects of humiliation – how it changes between pleasure and discomfort. So, the next time someone mentions BDSM humiliation, don’t let your cheeks turn red like traffic lights. Write what you like in the Humiliation topic. Do you practice? Via the Internet or in real life?

Exhibitionism Cams: Naked City Dreams – why and how?

About Exhibitionism Cams, I had an idea. I think this has happened to all of us – you walk around the city completely naked. And then you realize that this is a dream… of. Now, before you blush like a tomato, let’s dive right in and figure out what the f**k with all these naked city dreams. Spoiler alert: it’s not just about being a public flasher!
So, you are walking downtown, and suddenly, your clothes decide to pull a disappearing act. Ta-da! You’re standing there in all your glory, and everyone’s staring like they’ve never seen naked people before. Or vice versa, no one pays attention to your nakedness. Dreams are about a deeper message to deliver you from your subconscious.
Exhibitionism isn’t just about showing off for the world. It’s more about the desire to be seen and accepted as your authentic self. Your dream is nudging you to break free from those chains and be your unique self. Remember, we all have our quirks and kinks, and that’s what makes us fabulous! So do not be afraid of your strange dreams. Study them, and analyze them. And you will open a new way to yourself.

Dominant and Submissive Cams: My Epic Fail With a True Mistress

Usually, you can persuade models in the Dominant and Submissive Cams category to do everything. But… There are some models who adhere to only one role. She or he will not give you any opportunities to dominate them. I noticed that 90% of models in this category are switchable. You can ask her to become the bottom one, and she will gladly agree (for a tip. of course).
There are only 10% of models stick to their BDSM role to the end. I had an unpleasant case once… Although, it’s my fault and I don’t condemn the model at all. I wanted to dominate her and offered a good fee. And even sent her a big sum of money as a tip. And she blocked me! She immediately told me that she works only and forever in the top role, but I didn’t take it seriously.
I thought that gifts and promises could change her confidence. No!!! This is a real BDSM Mistress. It’s a pity that she is lost to me now. And I want to remind you that there are such models! So enter into negotiations, but remember that a lot of people take their role in BDSM seriously. I think it’s good! I must say it – this is the right approach. The true Mistress is not for sale.

Diaper Cams: The Humorous Side of a Unique Fetish!

Now I can see -not everyone here understands the concept of Diaper fetish and Diaper Cams. I’ll try to explain it to you one more time… and also have some fun, I hope. I get messages from readers – they write, I am too serious and need to dilute the blog with jokes. Ok…
You might be thinking, “Diapers? Seriously?!” But hey, don’t knock it till you’ve read it! Look here: strong, independent mister turning into a playful, diaper-wearing fellow! Who said adulting couldn’t be fun, right? Some might wonder. If you’ve ever encountered a diaper-wearing unicorn wandering the depths of the internet, you’re not alone! There’s a whole community out there.
Our sexuality sometimes plays cat and mouse with us. And the main thing here – is to accept yourself as you are. So that you can be happy, and the world smiles at you. Do not criticize the hobbies of others. With diapers here, everything is elementary – too serious people like to fall into childhood and feel super comfortable. It’s not even about sex at all but about real happiness.

Crossdresser Cams: 5 Places where to meet a Crossdresser

So, well… you are excited about Crossdressers, but where could you meet one of them? I have already said, I do not know a lot about online (and even sometimes offline) dating so well, but I continue to receive questions about dating services. Well, I have compiled a list where, as I believe, you can get acquainted with Crossdresser.
Online Communities: From forums and social media groups to dating sites tailored for the LGBTQ+ community.
Local LGBTQ+ Events: Check out all events in your area, such as pride parades, drag shows, or transgender’s club meet-ups.
Special Bars: Many cities boast nightclubs or bars that are known for being LGBTQ+-friendly or even catering specifically to crossdressers.
Opened Groups: Some cities have support groups or organizations focusing on gender identity and cross-dressing.
Fetish Events: If you’re a crossdresser with a kinky side, fetish, and BDSM events. I recommend checking it out!
I can also add – just on the street, in a bar, in a library… if you see your crush, then don’t be afraid to come up and make a couple of compliments. Your suggestions? Where would you suggest getting acquainted? And another option is Crossdresser Cams categories on webcam sites. Why not? You won’t be the first who fall in love or make friends with a model.

Swinger Cams: When the Fun Gets Hot and Wild!

How do you like these retro-guys in the photo? I like to chat about the category of Swinger Cams, but what is really going on there? Let’s figure it out! Swinger Cams is the place where couples and singles join forces, ready to take the webcam scene by storm. Models can have their script for the show, or maybe they will improvise.
They can also work according to your scenario! It’s like a never-ending party, where the only rule is to have a blast! If you’re into the thrill of the unexpected and hot party hard, this is where the sex magic happens. Swinger Cams is a melting pot of desires. It’s a no-judgment zone… I prefer to enter this category when I want some cool entertainment, new impressions… and just to run away from a bad day at work. And guess why?
This party’s open to everyone! Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned swinger, the category welcomes you with open arms – and perhaps a wink or two. So… forget about your shyness and watch what’s new in the category. And then write how you liked it. Read and comment, I am waiting for your suggestions! If you do not agree with me, feel free to discuss. I am always happy to stand by my point of view or learn something new from you!

Gay Webcams: Find Yourself as a Webcam Star

We talk a lot about girls on the webcam. And the guys? What about the guys? Of course, you will also meet them. And now I’m talking about the category of Gay Webcams, which I also enjoy watching. Believe me, guys are no less talented than girls. Gays in a webcam business are confident today, and, of course, having a good time. It’s like being the star of your very own show, where the only limits are the ones you set for yourself.
First off, flexibility! Oh yeah, you call the shots. Set your schedule, wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks, and put on a show that’s uniquely you. It’s like being the CEO of your own webcam empire! A lot of guys like it. First, they can openly declare themselves. Secondly, they are in high demand for work, right?
Remember, it’s not just about looks; it’s about connection between people. Your fans will be drawn to your charisma, charm, and nasty presentation. So, don’t hold back – be yourself, because that’s the star they’ll adore. On webcam sites you can talk about sex, have sex, as well… just chat and make friends. A lot of guys come to webcams just for some freedom.

Lesbian Cams: Navigating the Modern Scene

Even 10 years ago, it was much harder for community representatives than it is today, I can say this with confidence. But the world is changing, people are changing. Is it getting easier for lesbians and gays today?
In the ever-changing landscape of society, the path to sex identification has become more accessible for all. And for lesbians, it’s no exception. I’m not saying that the problem of acceptance-non-acceptance has been solved 100%, but we are almost at the goal. The new generation already accepts the community as a part of our world. There is no longer such a shock from the fact that a girl can love a girl. And this is an achievement! The world is changing for the better, don’t you agree?
Supportive friends, allies, and resources are just a click away. Online spaces have become a treasure trove of advice, stories, and shared experiences. So, is it easier for lesbians to find themselves in the modern world? Well, I think it’s a resounding YES! With society evolving, prejudices crumbling, and love prevailing, of course. And I advise you Lesbian Cams are a source of inspiration for many. And one of the options is how to follow your desires without condemnation.

Big Ass Cams: Bootylicious Fun for Adults

Who likes juicy steaks here? And who is delighted with big juicy peaches? And who is attracted to big asses? Well, let’s count – raise your hands and vote now – who is for and against big juicy asses?! But seriously, I want to talk a little more about the love&desire of asses.
Big asses are like a magnet, pulling in admirers from all walks of life. It’s not just about age; it’s about appreciating curves. From 18-year-old babes to seasoned 50-year-olds, big ass is the ultimate desire for everyone who craves some delightful derriere view. Who likes big asses? Well, everyone! And we’re not just talking about the classic song “Baby Got Back” – we’re talking about real people preferring all shapes and sizes. If you’re into big booties, you’re in for a treat in this category. Then – the Big Ass Cams is the place for you.
Picture this: many lovely models, each with unique charm and mesmerizing assets. From twerking queens to peachy performers, these cams cater to all your bootylicious fantasies. It’s a paradise for those who appreciate the art of a well-endowed behind. And most importantly, on many sites, you can enjoy this spectacle for free! I have already recommended good sites for online entertainment – look for them in my blog!

Shemale Cams: Transgender & Parenthood – What Do You Think?

On the topic of transgender people, everything is not so easy at all, do you agree? Especially when it comes to children or adoption. Mom, Dad, second mom… Dad? It is not necessary to connect gender and sexuality, binary or non-binary personality… So many people think it’s better to protect children from the whole world of gender&sex&transpersons.

But! Transgender people are also people, and they also want to have children. Why not? Let’s figure out this topic together. Now, when it comes to parenting, it’s essential to remember that love knows no boundaries, and that includes gender identity. We’re all about breaking stereotypes here, right? So, let’s squash any doubts about whether transgender peeps can be amazing parents! First off, it’s crucial to understand that being transgender doesn’t mean you can’t offer a loving and safe home for a little one. Just like any other parent, they’re more than capable of providing a nurturing environment.

And hey, let’s be honest, kids aren’t looking for some picture-perfect, cookie-cutter parents. They want love, laughter, and someone who’s there for them through thick and thin. Of course, there might be a bumpy road ahead. Transgenders might face unique challenges, like dealing with society’s raised eyebrows or outdated misconceptions. But you know what? They’re strong, and they’ve got the power to handle it all. What do you think? Can transgender people adopt children? There are more interesting things on Shemale Cams – you can even make friends here. And you will have a 1000% good time.


Deepthroat Cams: Why Can’t You Do The Deepthroat?

Let me dispel some prejudices now. Not all women know how to do Deepthroat. Not all of them! And if it seems to you that all women want to try to do a Deepthroat as soon as they see your penis – you are also mistaken. But…

sometimes they want to, but they have had unpleasant experiences. For example, the partner was very rude to them. If an unprepared girl is trying a Deepthroat, then it may hurt her, and she may choke (do not cum in her mouth during a Deepthroat, it is really dangerous). And she also may just be sick of your Mr. handsome deep in her throat. So the question: “Why don’t you want to please me?” – it’s stupid.

The good news is – this method can be learned! I already wrote in a previous article about courses for those who want to improve their skills. And Deepthroat Cams, of course – here everyone will find something interesting. Satisfaction, entertainment, training, and communication with models. Don’t forget to leave a tip.


Switch Cams: 2 Types of Switch Experiments in BDSM

I would say that Switch experiments take place in 2 cases:

1. Beginners who just haven’t decided yet. They are looking after themselves and this is normal. One day they will understand who they are in the BDSM community and will be able to tell themselves honestly what they like more.

2. The jaded. They may suddenly feel that something is going wrong. They have already tasted all the delights of their role. They are tired of their role. The bottom ones feel it more often, but the Dominants can sometimes risk trying. So if you suddenly realize that you want to change your position – feel free and go ahead.

I can admit that I also tried different roles in BDSM. But, this is case # 2, since I have been in the community for a long time and know my place perfectly. Experiments are cool. Write, are you also trying different roles, or do you think it’s a stupid waste of time? I would like to know the supporters of both opinions. I also recommend Switch Cams categories if you want live videos and models. This is an interesting variety, especially when your partner is far from you. If you want to share a life story about your Switch experience, you’re welcome!


Deepthroat Cams: Deep Throat Reality And The Movie

Now I’m going to share something cool with you. Did you know where the deep blowjob stuff and obsession came from? Why are men all over the world so fixated on it? It all started with the 1972 film, which was called “Deep Throat”.
By the way, I haven’t watched it… but I read the summary: the woman had a clitoris in her throat, and she got the greatest pleasure from a deep blowjob. Could you Imagine that? Have you watched the movie? I still can’t believe that something like this was filmed, it’s so funny.
Of course, there is no clitoris in the throat, but oral sex and especially deep technique can bring pleasure to a woman. Not only for men, you know, girls? It is You who dominates a man, you completely control his arousal and orgasm. And it’s very exciting. Although the clitoris in the throat is cool, I agree. Well, if you want to see how it should be done – The Deepthroat Cams category, welcome to the world of livejasmin videos, kink and pleasure!

RACK Cams: The Blackest Souls involved in BDSM

Today a little tip about RACK Cams! Perhaps you don’t know it yet, but RACK practice even in the world of BDSM occupies a special place. Not everyone is ready to give up their body for RACK experiments. RACK enthusiasts are the daredevils of the BDSM community. They seek excitement, exploring the outer edges of their desires and bodies.

These folks aren’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side, tasting the unknown with a sense of humor. One of the defining characteristics of RACK is the emphasis on risk awareness. Participants acknowledge that every kink and fetish carries some level of risk, and they take the time to educate themselves about safety protocols and best practices. RACK players enjoy the adrenaline rush of their fantasies while also being well-informed and responsible.

Yes, there can only be such an approach. No frivolity, no “come on, everything will be OK.” If your partner offers RACK but does not know all the subtleties of the technique with which he wants to work – run away from him! I don’t think I can decide to try something like it shortly. And you? Who has such experience? Write to me, it would be interesting to ask you questions on the topic of RACK.


Hand Fetish Cams: New Facets of Hand Fetish in My Blog

I read more about Hand Fetish! You know, not everyone just gets high from long fingers and soft palms. For some fans and connoisseurs of the fetish, nails are a special buzz. Yes, they like to caress girls’ nails… or guys! There is no gender for this fetish either. Touching nails to the body, genitals – that’s a real pleasure for them.

And someone is delighted with the pads of the sticks. Some even pay special attention to the color of the skin on the hands, the veins and capillaries under the skin, and the shape of the nails! People betray 100% of the importance of their hands, forgetting about the rest of the body. Only now do I realize that Hand Fetish is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance?

Do not underestimate its importance among fetishes. By the way, if there are fans here, I will be happy to ask you a couple of questions about your preferences. Write, I love all fetishes, and I think that there are no uninteresting ones among them. Everyone deserves a blog post.


Erotic Humiliation Cams: Men vs. Women – Who Loves It More?

When I talk about humiliation in BDSM, I often imagine a domineering mistress humiliating a slave (man). But, as it turned out, many people see a man in an active role. So who likes humiliation more? Let’s figure it out. It turns out that BDSM preferences know no gender. Both men and women can find delight in the humiliation.

Some men might enjoy being verbally degraded, while some women might savor the joy of being controlled and exposed. Humiliation can even extend to those in dominant roles. Some dominants may revel in having their power reinforced by humiliating their submissive. When it comes to humiliation, consent is paramount. In my experience, it is women who love to show their power by humiliating their partners verbally.

Is it natural for them? I don’t know, what do you think? Write your opinion, as well as if there are Erotic Humiliation Cams fans among us – we will discuss the models. I have some favorites that I come back to. So, what can I say, watching Erotic Humiliation Cams is a source of inspiration, as well as one of my favorite categories.


Enema BDSM Cams: Into the World of Dark Arts

Welcome and let’s chat about BDSM – the darkest of the sexual arts! The darkest of the dark, here everything is ruled by fear and horror! Just kidding! Of course, I’m joking now. Yes, BDSM is dark pleasures on the edge of pain, but still, it’s not as scary as it might seem to you.

In every article about BDSM, I try to prove it to you. One such entertainment is Enema. Preparation is key! Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, proper hygiene is a must. Ensure all equipment is clean and sanitized for a safe and enjoyable experience. You see, safety comes first. This is what I want to say – BDSM is a story about awareness and understanding of one’s power and responsibility. Enema’s play is about surrendering control. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in the world of BDSM and fetishes.

It’s all about finding what floats your boat. Start with a small one, do not immediately grab a huge enema. If you didn’t like it, it’s okay. You can always change the rules and try again. And if you liked it – smoothly move to large volumes. Well, is it scary? Watch Enema BDSM Cams if you want to know everything about the topic of enemophilia.


Fisting Cams: A Few Words About Feet Fisting

There is a lot of talk about fisting, even more jokes, but few people are ready to engage in such practices. And I’ll tell you more – fisting is not only hands but also feet! Yes, there is the concept of feet-fisting, and it is very popular among fans of hardcore entertainment and BDSM.

And of course, if you want to practice, you need to start with theory, and not immediately switch to hard fisting. And even better – Fisting Cams categories to view. Here you will see many important points that you need to pay attention to. Jokes aside, it’s also a pleasant viewing, an exciting show! I can honestly say that feet-fisting sounds scary to me.

Not my favorite category, but due to numerous requests from readers, sometimes I will publish materials on feet-fisting. Write if you have experience in this field and you are ready to share! I would interview you! Write about what other extreme sex practices you want to read about.


Group Sex Cams: Let’s Talk About Newbies at a Sex Party?

I want to chat with you about Group Sex Cams – one of my favorite categories. Have you ever been to sex parties? I am interested to know about your very first time because it is unforgettable. It is especially funny when beginners do not know how to behave and where to start, what to do. They come in …khm too sexy costumes, they behave too provocatively…

Although, all this is superfluous. You just need to relax. Believe me, at every party (if it’s a club, not a private party) there are newbies. And there are fans of newbies among the regular visitors of the club. They see you, believe me! And they are ready to teach you everything. So read carefully the rules of the dress code of the club, be friendly, but do not immediately start breaking bad. Do you want a story about my first visit to a sex party in a club?

Then write in the comments that you want to hear it! If there are a lot of votes for “for” – I will describe it in all detail. If you are ready to share your story and ready to be published – go ahead! I will publish 2-3 funny stories from readers.


Gape Cams: My Readers Share Gaping Experiences

Not so long ago, I still received a letter from a subscriber who says that he has been engaged in gaping for 5 years. He (yeah, this guy) says that he had a good teacher who showed him everything and helped him avoid the main mistakes of beginners. And then he started visiting the category Gape Cams on one of my favorite sites.

And I found a coach! A wonderful model who gives lessons for beginners and shows how to use different devices for gaping and anal sex. Well, I am grateful to my reader for a frank letter. Unfortunately, he has not yet managed to find a partner who would share his love for gaping. But if you are a guy and you want to meet someone who practices and is even ready to teach you – write! I’ll give you his contact (he allowed it).

I hope I can help two lovers of this hot entertainment find their love, or at least have a good time. Not only a blog about fetishes but also a platform for dating by interests? Wow, I have to think about this prospect! Write, comment, and ask questions. Here I am glad to all the guests and regular readers.

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