Be confident in yourself and your partner: Impact play

Before plunging into the cruel world of Impact play, I suggest you learn more about safety. It is absolutely necessary to avoid certain areas on the body because even light blows and slaps can simply make your partner disabled! We are talking about serious damage to their joints and bones, as well as nerve endings. This is no longer just pain, but a real danger to life and health. Therefore, I always recommend getting acquainted with the theory first and only then proceeding to practice.

By the way, on the you will find good teachers who can show you, and will also be happy to demonstrate to their slaves what Impact play is.

So, you need to avoid the zones:

the neck on both sides;
the ears and eyes;
the joints on arms and legs;
the lower back, the coccyx;
area of the heart.

Also, if you are not sure of your technique, you should not hit the kidneys, as well as the genitals. The remaining points can be considered not so important, but still essential. Before starting Impact play, you can discuss whether your partner can hit you in the face, leaving bruises. I also want to remind you that experience and the ability to rely on your partner are very important here. Then this is really a BDSM practitioner, they are a stupid beating.



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Tips and life hacks on Impact play: painful and sweet

I want to say right away that you can talk to Impact play specialists on the It’s up to you to chat via text messages or turn on the camera! You may well find yourself a dominant who will show you what to do. Buy a good whip, listen to the advice of your dominant, doing everything as he says, and you will understand – Impact play can be unrealistically sweet entertainment. And now I want to quote a few tips from one of the professionals in the field of Impact play, who briefly explained to me where it is best to hit.

“Ass, legs, back but not the lower back! Here you can even make an effort, you will hardly hurt another person if you spank him on the ass. The main thing is to choose those parts where there are more muscles and they are larger. Blows to the face only with the consent of the partner, and it can be light slapping with a whip, a blow with an open palm, but not very strong. Try not to hit lips, they are easy to break into the blood.

Although, if this is exactly what you want, you are welcome. You can hit the genitals, but again, very easily, as well as on the face. Here you have to agree and understand what kind of impact force gives pleasure. If you work with a woman’s breasts, then blows should still be light, it can be dangerous for her health. Avoid the neck, joints, eyes, and ears, it’s also better not to hit the head, on the back of the head – it’s really dangerous!”.

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