Is it OK to love Foot Fetish Live Chat most of all

Is it OK to love Foot Fetish Live Chat most of all?

If you look at a girl, and most of all you are excited by her legs, feet, and toes – is this normal? Pay attention primarily to the feet, not on the boobs or ass – is this generally normal? I want to tell you that the Foot Fetish Live Chat category has a lot of fans!

And the meaning of “norm” is changing from year to year! Back in the Middle Ages, sex in any position other than Missionary was considered not normal, and if you like some other sex position it was something like a crime! In the 19th century, a girl could not nake her ankles, because it was considered literally nasty!

And at the beginning of the 20th century, swimsuits covered almost the entire body! And, in every epoch, it was “normal”! 

So, today no one will be surprised by the love of Foot Fetish Live Chat and the desire to caress women’s feet. Why are we talking only about women, because male feet also cause quite a lot of arousal in women and other men? Today there is nothing unusual in it, and on the website we respect all fetishes!

And most importantly, there are a lot of options for you to have a good time. I recommend your sites for webcam and online entertainment – this is a safe and convenient way to have fun.

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