Some rules of Scene play stop words and stop gestures

Some rules of Scene play – stop words and stop gestures

Today we will talk about Scene play, and I urge all BDSM fans to actively comment and ask about new topics. So, what is Scene play, and is it worth doing at all? Some have a locker full of whips, masks, and lubricants, but real BDSM fans organize space, they even rent separate rooms where you can arrange a real torture dungeon.

You prepare the stage in order to become an actor, director, and also a ruler here. Sometimes Scene play can be prepared specifically for what kind of play, your partner and you have agreed on. By the way, some devices for BDSM can be rented, so if you wish, you can order and surprise your loved one. I also want to remind you that before starting any game, it is necessary to discuss the rules and set stop words.

Most often, such a simple and understandable color gradation of pleasure and pain functions:

Green – everything’s great.
Yellow – fine but slow it down.
Red – stop it.

Some of the non-verbal communication includes:

Snapping fingers – means, it is great, go on!
Dropping an object – no, no, no!
Touching an object – may be, let’s try.

Today we will only touch on these topics slightly because many really do not know what Scene play is. Write in the comments what else you would like to know about this topic, and I am also waiting for your recommendations and useful links.

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