Some words about weird fetishes For Fetish Live Cams fans

Some words about weird fetishes! For Fetish Live Cams fans

I discovered very strange fetishes not so long ago, and I think that fans of Fetish Live Cams category should like them. Firstly, this is Frotteurism – and to explain the essence of this Fetish, I will need a lot of words! 

Just imagine, you’re sitting at a bus stop, reading something on your phone or working on documents, and someone in the crowd tenderly touches your shoulder with his penis, most likely you won’t even notice that it happened, and you don’t know that someone’s penis has been on your shoulder or hit you on the arm. And it turns someone on terribly, and he can’t imagine his life without such small adventures! 

And the second strange Fetish is Knismolagnia, or the love of tickling. They can only get an orgasm when they are tickled very much! Yes, it can be called a rather strange sexual deviation, but everyone is already quite harmless and cheerful. I do not know if you will be able to find fans of these things on the website, but it’s worth a try. I would look at a girl who experiences orgasm from tickling!

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