Why is a Breath play so popular in the fetish world

Why is a Breath play so popular in the fetish world?

Let’s talk about Breath play,  it can also be called “erotic asphyxia”. Entertainment for those who are bored with gentle sex, stockings, heels, massage oil… Well, here you can get really strong feelings – it’s a fact. Lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide accumulates in the body, and a person literally begins having hallucinations. The longer asphyxia persists, the deeper a person goes into his hallucinations. It is important to know the golden meaning here – never block oxygen access to the brain for too long!

You need to know when to give your partner the opportunity to breathe, and when the oxygen can be cut off again. The main thing is not to forget about safety, otherwise, at least, your partner will lose consciousness.

What can be used for Breath play:

a loop made of dense material;
durable plastic bag;
pieces of fabric that do not let air;
chest or neck compression;

Unfortunately, not all substances are suitable for these purposes, please do not experiment with gasoline, solvent, and glue! Pros do not recommend using ties for strangulation, as well as nylon stockings. They can be really hard to untie, and stockings, for example, can seriously damage even cut the skin! I want professionals and just fans of Breath play to write a few comments!

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