Ambulance doctors know best about Food play

Ambulance doctors know best about Food play

As I have already said, I am not judging anyone and admitting the existence of all interesting sexual fetishes. And yet, you can laugh about Food play, because it is really the ambulance doctors who know the most accurate statistics on it. Gynecologists and proctologists, and sometimes other specialists, even a surgeon, have to face the consequences of Food play!

Many women want to try masturbation with the help of fruits and vegetables, but even here there is a danger that a cucumber or banana can damage the vaginal mucosa, a hard carrot can suddenly break in the anus, and it will not be possible to extract the rest of the fruit or vegetable on their own. The second point, many people try to put condoms on them, which slips off your organic dildo.

It can also be very difficult to get a condom on your own. Also, there are allergies to vegetables and fruits! So not all the stories about Food play are successful stories because people usually hush up with fiascos. But doctors know for sure that there are a lot of Food play lovers, and most likely their flow will never end. So remember, cucumbers and carrots look better in a salad!

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