How can you make Wax play even cooler

How can you make Wax play even cooler???

If you are tired of the standard rules of Wax play, then let’s see what else can be done for your pleasure. First, experiment with the wax temperature, you can buy a variety of candles made specifically for a BDSM session. I would also suggest blindfolding your partner! You can wait, even wait about 10 minutes, caressing or vice versa, punishing him, then suddenly start Wax play.

He will look forward to this feeling, and it will make him even more excited. Another interesting option that was suggested to me is to alternate hot wax is ice cubes! This practice will give you a completely unusual feeling because you can simultaneously water your partner’s body with drops of hot wax, and touch it with ice cubes. And you can also combine the Wax play technique with a bandage or handcuffs, also do not forget the mask!

It will give your partner an incredible feeling that he has not felt before. Moreover, you can experiment, and write about your experiments in the comments – I’m always interested in learning something new about Wax play and the topic of BDSM. I am waiting for your advice and new recommendations, as well as suggestions on the subject of new articles.

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