The most dangerous game Edge play is not for everyone

The most dangerous game – Edge play is not for everyone

I really like the BDSM-style entertainment, and I read a lot about it, and even visited themed parties! I also like online resources with web models, and one of them that I want to recommend to you is Someone will say that it is too extreme, but if you really care about the topic of BDSM and especially extreme practices such as Edge play, then this is the true place to learn a lot of new things. Today I really want to talk about Edge play and those who are fond of dangerous, sometimes even deadly dangerous practices. What do I call “really dangerous practices in BDSM”:

fire play;
knives and guns;

Usually, few people go straight to these practices, mostly we just want to play, dress up in a latex suit, and slap each other with whips. But if you have been in the topic for a long time, and pain really brings pleasure, then you will want to move on to rougher practices soon. I urge everyone to think first of all about safety!

All games with blood cuts can easily bring an infection, especially if you have close contact. Similarly, you should not do all these things with people you are not sure about! A real dominant always take responsibility, including calling an ambulance if necessary. Such a person will not leave you to bleed alone. And yet Edge play remains one of the most popular practices, and I will return to it more than once in my blog. In the meantime, I’m interested in what exactly you want to know about Edge play, and which aspects of this direction concern you the most.

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