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FTM Cams were there transgender people in ancient times

FTM Cams: were there transgender people in ancient times?

It may seem to someone that the topic of transgenderism has become relevant not so long ago, and they have been talking about it openly recently too. Yes, in ancient times there really were no such surgery methods that made it possible to make a guy out of a girl, and also they could not take hormones. Well, scientists have been arguing about very strange burials for quite a long time.

Female skeletons, but they are dressed in men’s clothes, they are wearing armor, they have weapons, and all the signs that this is a male tomb. After all, everything was not so simple before, gender roles were clearly defined. If a woman became a warrior, it meant something.

Do you remember the Amazons who cut off one breast to make it easier to shoot arrows? Here is an attempt at the first surgical operation for a partial sex change, if I may say so. Now scientists are inclined to believe that we have witnessed such a phenomenon as transgender women. And there was a very special relationship with them in ancient times. If you prefer FTM Cams models, we invite you to the adultchat.cam website, where you can get to know modern FTMs better!

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