Fetishes of the ancient world Ideas for Fetish Cam Site

Fetishes of the ancient world! Ideas for Fetish Cam Site

If you think that fetishes were invented relatively recently, and no one has used special sexual practices before, then you are terribly mistaken! Fans of Fetish Cam Site, you will definitely like it! Back in ancient Mesopotamia, more than 12,000 years ago, there was a Goddess-Dominatrix, and her servants carried out sexual practices of domination and submission.

I’m talking about the goddess Ishtar, who demanded that all men worship her vagina as a symbol of life and fertility. As it is written in ancient texts, she beat her servants, demanded that they dance for her, and also very often struck them with sexual insanity.

Imagine how the usual services of the goddess were held in those days. Today you will meet the mistress of the Fetish Cam Site, which will require you to do about the same – admire her like a real goddess!

I invite you to the pussy.live website, where you can find your goddess, and become her loyal servant who fulfills all her whims. By the way, here you will find other fetishes that excite many! I won’t even list them, because there are hundreds of options for offers from the sexiest girls on the Internet.

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