Fetishes of ancient Greece For lovers of Fetish Cams

Fetishes of ancient Greece! For lovers of Fetish Cams

It is well known that ritual spanking and other fetishes were popular in ancient Greece! The goddess Artemis was not just a woman, but also a hunter, a warrior who was distinguished by cruelty.

In ancient Sparta there was a ritual dedicated to the goddess Artemis – young men were whipped with sticks! It was an initiation into men that anyone who was old enough had to go through! Or else the young man was waiting for contempt from his people. If you want to try something like it now, then the Fetish Cams category will suit you best.

In some tombs dedicated to the Dionysus were found sculptures and images of sexual practices when the priests tied the kneeling followers of the god and then indulged in sexual orgies with them.

Approximately the same image was found on the ruins of Pompeii – here one of the goddesses of the Greek Pantheon holds in her hands – a mysterious object that historians have identified as an antic dildo!

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