For FTM Live Cam Fans famous transgender Chez Bono

For FTM Live Cam Fans – famous transgender Chez Bono

You’ll never think it’s originally a girl. They look like guys, wear men’s clothes, and do men’s jobs – they are real men! But well, they were born girls, and many fans of the FM Live Cam category do not know this is one of the most famous examples in the modern world. I want to mention one of the most famous transgender people, whom many already know. But, his courage deserves respect!

Singer Cher had a daughter, and for a long time she was a girl, but then decided to change her sexual orientation. When Chastity was almost 14 years old, she already knew for sure that she would be a boy when she grew up. After a while, she really changed her gender, and now Cher does not have a daughter, but a son, Chez Bono.

The singer says that she is very proud of her son and accepts him as he is, the main thing is that he should be happy. If the FTM Live Cam category is your Fetish, then I suggest you get to know the amazing models on the site You can calmly talk with them, have fun, or even have hot sex. These beauties are waiting for you and will gladly welcome you into their virtual hugs.

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