Altocalciphilia for everyone men also can do it

Altocalciphilia for everyone: men also can do it!

I always say that almost any Fetish can live its own life, but also can become part of the BDSM culture. Soas Altocalciphilia – passion for high heels! Yes, it’s not just about women, but about men too. Some women openly admit that if men wore high heels, they would be even sexier. Also in the gay community, many men admit that they would really like their partner to wear heels in bed. You can watch it on the – cool models who are not shy about anything!

But, Altocalciphilia can also act as a part of a BDSM session, a dangerous fetish if the mistress takes up the case. Sharp heels can be a great weapon for causing pain, but they are so beautiful that many slaves simply beg their Mistress to wear such shoes. If the lady practices Altocalciphilia, then be prepared, there may be cuts and injuries. But, for a good BDSM session, all devices are good, as well as everything that can be used as a tool for punishment.

If you also like this Fetish, or you have already tried it – be sure to write in the comments! I have never tried it, and I want to know more from followers, as well as share my thoughts on this matter. If you have never tried it either, write whether you would like it or not, whether you consider it too extreme entertainment, or vice versa, a completely innocent prank!

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