Strange fetish Spectrophilia and mysticism in sex

Strange fetish: Spectrophilia and mysticism in sex

I want to say right away that I don’t believe it, but for many, as it turned out, Spectrophilia is a completely real thing! It’s about relationships, and sex with ghosts and spirits. Some women and men claim that the hottest sex in life was with mystical creatures who appeared to them at night and gave them absolutely incredible orgasms.

Some of them believe that this is a normal reaction of the body, namely nocturnal orgasms caused by the visit of otherworldly forces. Just like a Supernatural episode!!! In folklore, there really are creatures that appear at night and engage in sexual relations with men and women – these are succubi and incubi.

Someone may say that Spectrophilia is already a mental illness, but some psychiatrists will disagree with you. Someone fantasizes so much that it may really seem to him that the desired person came to him at night and made love. I would be interested to learn about the real experience of those who are also fond of Spectrophilia. Write in the comments, send me a letter, and let’s discuss this topic and understand what the point is here.

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