Spectrophilia the true secrets of nature through sex

Spectrophilia, the true secrets of nature through sex

Last time we already talked about the spirits that some people think visit men and women in their dreams. By the way, this is quite an old belief, which goes back to the time of the High Middle Ages. If you are really interested in Spectrophilia, then read on, and if you do not believe in something so mystical in sex – just go to another category in my blog.

During the Renaissance, new trends appeared in humanistic philosophy, and they were much more frivolous! Under the influence of Neoplatonism and hermeticism, humanists rehabilitated the spirits of nature. Let’s just say that Spectrophilia was no longer supposed to scare anyone, but could even be useful. For example, the alchemist and natural philosopher Paracelsus describes these creatures not as devilish offspring, but as “wild creatures”, elementals of Nature.

This means that relations with them could be considered not in the plane of sin, but in the framework of mystical knowledge of natural secrets. Nymphs, elemental spirits, sylphs, and other magical creatures could also appear to a person, and enter into a completely unusual sexual relationship with him. Well, I personally like this theory much more!

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