The strangest documented fetish Fetish Cam Site to the max

The strangest documented fetish – Fetish Cam Site to the max

Hello, fans of Fetish Cam Site and a variety of fetishes that excite, surprise, and increasingly appear in your thoughts and dreams. I’ve always wondered which fetishes can be considered the most unusual? After all, today’s love for women’s feet, anal sex, oral sex, a cage for a penis – it will not surprise anyone. Are there any really weird fetishes left in this world??? As it turned out, yes, I managed to read about some of them, and I want to share them with you.

  1. Nebulophilia. Yes, it’s really very strange, but the residents of Montreal will be able to enjoy it all year round. They love fog and feel the excitement of how the fog touches the naked skin. Fans of this strange Fetish love to walk in the early morning, and can’t imagine life without fog. It’s just wooow.
  2. Pygmalionism. They feel aroused while watching statues. Very often it is men who suffer from this strange form of love, but there are women who spend a lot of time next to statues and sculptures. Yes, ancient Greek and ancient Roman masterpieces really cause delight, but for some, they cause real sexual arousal and the most violent orgasm.
  3. Heliophilia. The excitement from the sun is great, it’s also very useful because under the influence of ultraviolet rays you can get a good charge of vitamin D. But, on the other hand, what do the inhabitants of the country who have very little sun do? Constantly go unsatisfied or move to hot countries.

I want to say right away that there is not an ounce of humor here, these are real facts from the lives of some people. If you like Fetish Cam Site, I invite you to the site – here you will find dozens, maybe even hundreds of fans of different fetishes. I tried to explore the catalog to the end, but there are so many things here that I wouldn’t be surprised if they have even the rarest fetishes.


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