Not everyone will understand partner has a Diaper fetish

Not everyone will understand: partner has a Diaper fetish?

I am interested in the world of fetishes, and I am happy to discover new things for myself! I like to watch the most unusual and interesting models online on the, which has so many different categories, including quite exotic ones. But, more and more often I see the Diaper category, which may shock many. And I began to think about what I would do if my partner told me she wants to try a Diaper-style entertainment. Well, most likely I would have been shocked…

And yet, if you think about it, this Fetish has quite clear roots, which most often come from childhood. A person just wants to return a sense of security, to get back to his childhood, when there were strong adults with whom he was completely protected! Someone uses a family album for it, and someone wants his partner to dress him up in a Diaper, put him in a crib, and give him a pacifier or a rattle. For me, this Fetish has nothing to do with sex.

Although, I know that for other people this is quite exciting! I really don’t know much about the Diaper theme, but I’m ready to learn more. And if you are really interested in the topic – write, leave comments and let’s figure out together what it is. I am also waiting for a letter from Diaper lovers and their partners who are ready to share the story of their relationship.

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