To explain a partner that you Like Free Foot Fetish Webcams

To explain a partner that you Like Free Foot Fetish Webcams

If you like Free Foot Fetish Webcams and you want your partner to share your Fetish with you, I advise you not to talk right away, and not to push a person into new uncharted waters. I propose a simple sequence of actions that can remove the shock effect of your confession. 

  1. First, you should prepare the ground and just talk about it, as if you have little interest in this topic at all. For example, if you read about something in a magazine, heard it on TV, and so on.
  2. Do not rush to confessions, just periodically pay attention to her pedicure, and while stroking your legs during sex, do a relaxing foot massage in the evening. It’s okay, nothing intimidating, you just want to please her. 
  3. When she is relaxed and content – try to kiss her feet, maybe at first, it will be just one kiss or just a touch of lips. 
  4. Admire her legs, tell her that you like her all, and even her legs excite you.

And then you can talk frankly about what you like entertainment in the style of Free Foot Fetish Webcams. Perhaps she will already be prepared, and even get used to the attention to her feet. You can also offer to watch together how the models do it on the site If you see a completely negative reaction – step back. Perhaps after a while, you can try again.

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