Navel Ears Armpits and other sexual body parts

Navel, Ears, Armpits, and other sexual body parts

I want to discuss the topic of Armpits, namely sex with penetration into the Armpits! You can find a lot of great info about oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and there is nothing new here. But not so long ago, scientists decided to classify other types of sex! For example, penetration into the navel! Yes, today on the Internet you will find a lot of porn videos with penetration into the navel, and many people are concerned about this topic.

It even has its own scientific name – Umbilicus coitus. It is worth noting that usually we are talking about sex with pretty full girls, so penetration into the navel can be compared with penetration into the vagina. It is also worth noting auricular sex – penetration into the ears. This is something out of the realm of fiction for me, but scientists say that today it is also worth classifying, since it is popular.

Among other countries, the body parts that can be used for sex are your Armpits. The main thing is to use a good lubricant! Some fans of this kind of sex claim that the natural pheromones that secrete the axillary gland make their reaction very powerful, so this is their favorite kind of sex.

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