Beautiful Armpits excite no worse than boobs or asses

Beautiful Armpits excite no worse than boobs or asses

If you think so too, and the Armpits are the most exciting part of the body for you, then be sure to write a few words in the comments! It’s interesting, but I know many men and women who say that they really like to look at their partner’s Armpits during sex! Some even went further, men like to put their dicks in their partner’s Armpits.

And here opinions are divided, because someone likes smooth armpits after depilation and oil, and someone, on the contrary, is completely delighted with hair and bushes. By the way, I read some scientists’ reports on the topic – if a person has strong natural pheromones, then his/her armpits will attract a great deal of attention from a partner, as well as everyone else. After all, there are special glands that provoke us to be filled with desire! So if during sex you really want to touch or lick armpits, or play with your hair, then don’t be shy!

If there are fans of this fetish among the readers, then I’m interested to know how your partners react. Are they shy about giving your full sexual disposal to their armpits or not? Or maybe you had to ask for it for a very long time, proving to your partner that this is completely normal?

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