Is it worth agreeing to Age play if the partner asks

Is it worth agreeing to Age play if the partner asks

Sometimes even young guys want to have an Age play, while they want to see their partner like a cute little baby. And some girls get really scared after such offers. Think about it, he wants a girl of 20 – 25 years old to look like a junior schoolgirl. Many people think that this is a sign of pedophilia or just some kind of sexual deviation.

I believe that the main thing here is to communicate with a person and understand what exactly attracts him. If he tells you that these are eternally young anime heroines in short school skirts, then everything is fine. Well, it’s true, it’s hard to understand from anime and girls how old they are, you can only guess.

Of course, if he says that he is attracted to children or – that’s scary, and if I were you, I would pay special attention to a new acquaintance. It is always worth remembering that there are things that are prosecuted, and they are also unacceptable in our society. But everything else is a huge world of sexual entertainment, which today will not surprise anyone at all.

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