All facets of using Nylons for your pleasure

All facets of using Nylons for your pleasure

Yes, it is worth mentioning this Fetish – Nylons are becoming more and more popular in the world of extreme sex and among lovers of sensual pleasures. Firstly, Nylons fans really like tights, as well as legs in stockings or tights. Very often, fans of foot fetish like to kiss, caress, and stroke legs dressed in nylon tights.

Others want to masturbate, putting Nylons on their hands. Someone will be delighted only with new tights, while others will try to get already used ones that smell like the legs of their beloved person. If we go further, then Nylons can also be used for BDSM! You can make a gag in your mouth, tie your hands behind your back, etc.

The only thing I would not recommend is using knots that are hard to untie. Nylons can seriously burn the skin and even damage it. You need to be sure that you can untangle your Nylons-handcuffs. And I really do not recommend using them for asphyxia – it can be a really dangerous practice because the knots are slippery, very quickly and suddenly tighten! Although, there are also such Extreme People who need exactly that – a game on the verge of life and death. As I said, such a simple theme as Nylons may well give a whole range of Fetish entertainment.

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