The CBT fetish cams are the pleasure of extreme pain

The CBT fetish cams are the pleasure of extreme pain

Male genitals are elastic and also very sensitive. And even a small effort can cause them severe pain. CBT fetish cams fans know that you don’t even need to try very hard to cause painful sensations to the penis and balls. If you have never done it before, then it is worth understanding such a thing – a self-respecting dominant will never immediately begin severe torture.

First, all actions are negotiated, and you also have stop words. Plus, constant communication is kept between partners to establish an emotional connection. The tortures are increasing – at first it can be stroking caresses, then squeezing, which causes discomfort at first, and only then – painful sensations. About spanking, hot wax, and electric shock – during the first sessions are out of the question! But then, when a person has learned to enjoy CBT fetish cams, it is already possible to go further.

In any case, I suggest you watch the, where you can observe the most successful dominants and their subordinates. Here you will see everything, even such tough practices as CBT fetish cams. By the way, if you are a professional, write your recommendations!

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