Painful but fun CBT fetish cams just for your eyes

Painful but fun: CBT fetish cams just for your eyes!

I started receiving questions from CBT fetish cams fans not so long ago, so I decided to add this category to the blog. Cock and ball torture – this category is not for everyone, but if you really want to watch online, I can recommend the site Here you will find models who show you what really hard CBT fetish cams are. But if you want to try CBT, then we should discuss every detail.

The simplest option for dominants is to use a whip, a flogger, or just hit the genitals with their hands, and feet, use heels, or anything that comes to hand! Although there are more sophisticated ways to deliver your penis and balls great suffering – these are kits specifically for CBT! There is a penis cage, as well as various probes and pumps that could be inserted into the urethra (uffffff!!!).

Now I am interested in the topic, and I have found a lot of themes for the following articles. For example, electrodes for the urethra – it sounds really crazy! I’m going to devote an entire article to this topic, but I’m also waiting for your wishes about our new section. Write in the comments what exactly interests you in the CBT fetish cams topic, do you want to watch online and get more links to Webcam sites, or do you want to try it on yourself and get detailed instructions and reviews of torture equipment?

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