A popular Balloons fetish what you need to know about it

A popular Balloons fetish – what you need to know about it

Imagine the situation, you meet someone who opens up to you – he is a looner! I discovered this direction for myself not so long ago, I really didn’t know anything about it before. Let’s figure it out together, and also leave your comments with questions and tips. By the way, if there are real professionals in the world of Balloons here, then I would be interested to hear your opinion, and I will also be happy to publish your letters!

So, Balloons fetish is about the attraction to balloons. It may seem funny to some, but others know that when someone inflates a balloon, it increases in size, and becomes so dense and round, it really blows the roof off! Some believe that every inflated balloon should remain like this, while others get a special pleasure when they pierce it with a needle. We will also talk about this “war” in the following posts!

And yet, Balloons fans do not just watch, but love to touch them, caress themselves with the help of a balloon, and some even masturbate using balloons! And today in sex shops you can buy balls of different sizes and shapes. It would really be interesting for me to learn more about this Fetish because now it’s even difficult for me to guess why balloons, why arousal and sexual interest in them ???

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