Balloons related statistics who excites more

Balloons related statistics: who excites more?

I would like to touch on the topic of Balloons again because I recently found out some interesting info about this fetish. As it turned out, there is even its own statistics! A lot of girls admit that inflated balloons cause them sexual desires, as well as the desire to just touch it, and caress it. But the absolute maximum here is occupied by men! So we can say that almost 75% of the fans of Balloons sex are guys and adult men.

They use it for masturbation like touching and pinching inflated balloons during sex with their partners. Some even admit that he really likes to pierce, as well as bite inflated balloons. And for most of them, the perfect color of a sexy balloon is black! I am waiting for letters from all looners who are ready to share their experiences with their stories, as well as to tell me why balloons.

I keep looking on the site for interesting models that are ready to show you Balloons sex, but I haven’t found them yet. I always look through the new models’ category, because all the most interesting things appear here.

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