Orgasm control methods for anyone… after practice

Orgasm control methods for anyone… after practice

Orgasm control is a quite cruel practice, agree! Moreover, there are several techniques that include:

Orgasm control for a certain period of time.
Complete orgasms’ denial.
The decreased pleasure from orgasm.

An interesting point is that if you do not use these techniques all the time, then they are considered quite safe. But, if a man or woman is used to control orgasms permanently, then they may develop serious sexual dysfunctions and problems. So don’t forget, this is a game, not a lifestyle. Of course, if your goal is not to completely suppress orgasm once and forever. All these techniques need long-term training.

For example, your dominant can clearly say how many times a day you need to reach orgasm, and how many times a day you need to keep yourself on the edge. Then the number of orgasms will decrease, and the slave will learn to constantly keep himself on the verge of pleasure, but will not allow it to occur. By the way, this practice is used as a punishment if your dominant is dissatisfied with you. You can get some instructions from experienced Dominatrix on the, I recommend you to visit the section with new models more often because real diamonds appear there!

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