To use the Aftercare practice only as a reward

To use the Aftercare practice only as a reward?

I believe that the practice of aftercare should be present, and not only in a post-BDSM session. Every time! Yes, even if we are talking about ordinary relationships, about ordinary sex. It can last only 5-10 min, but it is very important – you show your partners that you appreciate your time.

And in a relationship where one is dominant, the other is completely subordinate to him – I can’t even imagine practice without Aftercare. And yet some dominants use it only as a reward for good service. If a sub often used stop words, sometimes even tried to change the scenario of the session, then he does not receive anything at the end of the session – as a punishment.

No hugs, no talking, maybe just an extra dose of humiliation at the end. Well, some dominants think that this should teach their slaves how to behave well. I wonder what you think about this approach. Is Aftercare a necessary part, or does it have to be earned during the session, and is this also part of the game? By the way, I suggest you visit the website if you are looking for an online dominant, or want to watch a real BDSM session.

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