Foot Fetish Webcams centuries ago interesting facts

Foot Fetish Webcams centuries ago – interesting facts

Women’s feet have always been the object of adoration of men, but in Ancient China this kind of fetish reached its maximum. Many people know that a special sign of female beauty was a small foot, which did not grow over time, but always remained tiny.

The girl’s feet were bandaged so that they would not grow. Of course, it left quite serious consequences for the health of young aristocrats, but her foot looked like a lotus petal, and only this way she could get married successfully.

Men enjoyed these small feet and the complete defenselessness of their wives – unfortunately, they could hardly walk by themselves, so they were at the complete mercy of their master.

Strawberry lovers in ancient China also noted that women with bandaged legs change their posture and gait, and sex with them gives much more pleasure. You won’t see it on Foot Fetish Webcams, but Asian women with small feet – yes, you will find them! Today this barbaric tradition is already banned in the country, but men still like small neat feet!

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