Facts about the controversial topic of Objectum sexuality

Facts about the controversial topic of Objectum sexuality

I would like to continue the conversation about Objectum sexuality, as this phenomenon surprised and interested me. Let’s figure out how it all started – a wedding with the Berlin Wall! The term “objectum sexual” was first used by Aya Riita, who married the Berlin Wall in 1979 and even changed her name to Aya Riita Berliner-Mauer. And if she was the only one, then you could just joke about this story.

But, already in the first days after the appearance of this news, the Objectum sexuality community was immediately replenished by 400 people. And in 2008, the girl married the Eiffel Tower, and they even made a film about her. By the way, in an interview, both girls mentioned that in the past they had a rather unsuccessful sexual experience, as well as a relationship that brought a lot of pain.

Quite logically, a person can cause us physical or psychological pain, objects will definitely never do it. Especially such huge ones! Have you ever fallen in love with inanimate objects, wanted to marry a soccer ball, or some statue or building? This question sounds a little silly, but after the marriage with the Berlin Wall or the Eiffel Tower, nothing will really surprise me.

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