Diaper Cams let's count the votes for and against

Diaper Cams: Let’s Count the Votes for And Against

As I said before – Diaper Cams are not my fetish. I like active forms of BDSM, and I’m also a little fond of foot fetish and shibari. But, this category is an honorary member of our fetish parade on the site. Periodically I receive letters from fans of this topic, as well as from those who ask not to write about it at all. Well, it’s time to decide – are you for the category or against?

And I also need to make a decision – to leave the category or get rid of it. Write, would you like to continue receiving news, tips, stories, humor, and pictures on the topic of Diaper Cams? Do you want to continue to receive recommendations on the topic of webcam sites and models who like to wear diapers in front of the camera? Or is the category disgusting and it needs to be closed?

Your votes are important to me and I will listen to the majority opinion. Well, the fate of the site is in the hands of readers, and I respect that. Write, I will be glad to talk on any fetish topic with frank and open friends. By the way, if you DON’T like the category, write me which one I could add to the site so that you would enjoy reading.

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