A black suitcase for fans of electricity The Zappers

A black suitcase for fans of electricity – The Zappers!

I remember the first time I saw a set for playing with electricity in a sex shop. It was a rather large black suitcase, inside there were a variety of electrodes, wires, nipple clamps, as well as a small generator with a display. It looked scary, like something between a torture kit and medical equipment. Yes, and it was quite expensive, but the consultant told me that it is one of the most common products for BDSM.

Zappers adore such things and are ready to give hundreds of dollars to purchase high-quality equipment for games. More spacious kits also include special electrodes that can be placed inside the penis or vagina! To be honest, I don’t really understand Zappers, and this practice seems scary to me!

I was also impressed by anal plugs with the possibility of electrical stimulation … in general, this is a really painful practice that not everyone can do. But, if you really want to try, it’s better to buy really high-quality equipment in sex shops, and do not try to assemble something similar yourself! These devices can be just dangerous if you are not a real electrician with a license!

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