Something new for fans of Fetish Cams a passion for smells

Something new for fans of Fetish Cams: a passion for smells!

I think you’ve already heard about olfactophilia! In the category of Fetish Cams, all fetishes are accessible, and most of them are treated with respect. Do you remember the novel “The Perfumer”? About a young man who literally killed a beautiful woman in search of the smell of true love.

We don’t offer you to kill anyone, but a strong love and passion for the smell is also Fetish! Some people can’t get sexual pleasure if they smell a certain fragrance. Some types of perfume excite them very much! In a sense, smoke fetish can also be attributed here – in no way do people get excited just like the smell of cigarettes or cigars, and that’s why they are so attracted to smoking girls. 

It’s a pity that you can’t smell it through the camera, but you’ll see how she lights a cigarette and releases a fragrant cloud of smoke from their painted lips. On the site you will find exactly what you are looking for – models who are ready to fulfill some of your desires! 

For example, smoking on a webcam, blowing a cloud of fragrant smoke, chatting with you naked, holding a cigarette in her hands! If this is what you like, then you should definitely like it in the Fetish Cams category!

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