The Small Penis Humulation Webcam language lets see

The Small Penis Humulation Webcam language – let’s see

If the Small Penis Humulation Webcam category is of real interest to you, then you need to know exactly what you can hear from a beauty who decides to insult you! I want to show you the most common phrases which they use to offend their guests:

  1. Your penis is too small, you will never be able to satisfy me or any other woman!
  2. Your penis is more like a clit, it was better for you not to even get it out!
  3. If you were inside me, I wouldn’t even feel it.
  4. You can safely wear a women’s bikini, no one will see the difference, because your penis is so small!
  5. This is the first time I’ve seen an adult man have a penis like a small child!
  6. I don’t think your penis can be called that because it’s impossible to see it without a magnifying glass!

Of course, in the Small Penis Humulation Webcam category, girls have a very good imagination! I advise you to go to the website, here you will meet those who have succeeded in the art of insults. And you definitely won’t be bored, because these girls won’t leave you alone until you’re moaning with excitement!

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