The Great and terrible RACK its not so scary really

The Great and terrible RACK – it’s not so scary, really

Let’s continue the conversation on the topic of RACK? So, Risk-Aware Consensual Kink, today it is the topic of risk that interests me. Someone can look at the RACK session, and say that it’s absolutely terrible, poor Bottom, he has to go through all these horrors that come to mind. The key point is precise that the risk is quite reasonable, and most likely they have agreed on what will happen.

The dominant could not say exactly how he would do this or that action, but they at least discussed the boundaries of what was allowed. For example, if asphyxia goes in, the bottom one warns that he doesn’t mind, but he doesn’t want to use chemicals. So everything else already needs to be intimate – he will choose all the available methods that his bottom has agreed to. Probably the sweetest for BDSM lovers is the ratio of risk and trust.

Yes, both know that force majeure can happen in any situation, but that’s what attracts many! RACK fans are much more accurate and empathic than it might seem from the outside. If you want to watch real BDSM sessions, contact a real Dominatrix, I recommend the site Here you will meet someone who knows everything about risks, pain, and pleasure. Just write, you can chat first, only then go on camera.

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