In any unknown situation you can always use a Finger

In any unknown situation, you can always use a Finger

A brilliant pianist can play an ideal composition even on a log, and a good lover can give unreal pleasure to his partner with one finger. When it comes to Finger sex, it is most often implied that a partner gives pleasure to a woman. But, many men also like Finger games and are happy to give their holes in someone’s experienced fingers. We are usually talking about spot orgasms, lovers looking for the G-spot, stimulating the clitoris, as well as pleasing the prostate.

Many girls say that Finger sex gives a brighter and more peculiar feeling! Although, less sensitive ones can tell you that this is no different from standard masturbation. But, a really experienced finger fucker will be able to make the most sensitive girl scream with pleasure. And if you want to see how professionals do it, I recommend the site

Here you will see all the rules of finger sex, and you can learn something! Such useful techniques are suitable not only for men but also for women. In any case, I am interested in your personal experience, as well as any questions and fantasies on this topic. Write in the comments whether you practice Finger sex, or your partners do not want to get involved with it. And if you know any interesting techniques – I’m waiting for a description!

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