Its time to talk about Sadism on my blog

It’s time to talk about Sadism on my blog

We have already talked about the topic of masochism, so now it’s time to discuss Sadism. Everything is logical, if a masochist likes being tortured and suffering, then Sadism is the love of causing suffering and pain. Moreover, both physical and psychological. As I have already said, a masochist and a sadist can make an excellent couple live happily, fulfilling all their dreams.

The term sadism originated on behalf of the French aristocrat Marquis de Sade, who became famous for his literary works on the topic of sexual pleasure. In general, Marquis de Sade was a great libertine, but the description of causing suffering that caused sexual arousal glorified him. For people who call themselves sadists, aggressive, emotional behavior is very characteristic.

Often they can be successful in their work, but getting in their way is literally dangerous! Sadism also goes alongside BDSM practices, and every self-respecting mistress or master usually has sadistic traits. I would like to receive a letter from someone who considers himself a fan of Sadism and can tell me about his feelings and emotions.

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