How often and for how long can Chastity belts be used

How often and for how long can Chastity belts be used???

Many fans of the cuckold&sexywife lifestyle use Chastity belts all the time, and I’ve always wondered how harmful it is. We are talking about controlling orgasms, and Chastity belts do not allow the penis to increase at all! After a conversation with one of the professionals, I realized that we are talking here just about making the cuck’s penis completely useless, something more like a female’s clitoris. So most of them are not worried at all that Chastity belts can seriously harm.

But in fact, it can! Firstly, from prolonged compression and inability to use the penis for its natural purpose, it can seriously suffer. And the second point is that some Chastity belts are made so that when you try to arouse the penis, it will come into contact with quite sharp details. It is better to choose medium-sized models rather than extremely small ones.

Also, all toys with spikes are better to use while playing or serving, and you should not wear them all the time. And another problem is – you may have difficulties with urination. If you read the reviews of men about using Chastity belts, then almost everyone says that it is simply impossible to pee normally, the whole process resembles the flow of urine. It is not recommended to wear Chastity belts for longer than 2-3 days!!!

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