Does a real FemdomCams Mistress have to be harsh and cruel

Does a real FemdomCams Mistress have to be harsh and cruel?

Many people think that a real FemdomCams Lady must be harsh, cruel, and even bloodthirsty. Only then can she subdue her slave and force him to serve. But, this is not always true, because her strength is not in intimidation and threats. She should put you on your knees with one glance – this is a real FemdomCams Mistress.

Costumes, masks, whips are just attributes, but her main power lies in the ability to manage and control. If you dare to behave disrespectfully and she forgives you, that’s not an option for you.

I want you to pay attention to TheDomme, you can find her on This mature and experienced BDSM Lady is not going to play games with you, but will immediately get down to business. She communicates only according to her own rules – they are written in her profile. You don’t dare be rude or try to call her sweet words like “honey”, “baby”, “sweetie”.

And do not even try to dominate the Mistress – you will be banished from her room forever. A real Lady will not tolerate you just because of a tip, she will send you away, and someone who knows how to serve will take your place. Probably, every slave gets burned once and remembers the lesson forever.

You come to FemdomCams Goddess – be ready to play by her rules. Otherwise, look for another fetish category.

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