Come to SquirtChat and get acquainted without complexes

Come to SquirtChat and get acquainted – without complexes!

If you ask a girl who is cumming with squirt, how it happened the first time, then many will be confused. Very often it seems to girls that a little misunderstanding happened during sex. Especially if they are not emptying the bladder.

By the way, for some SquirtChat models, this is the secret of success, because, with stimulation of the front wall of the vagina with a full bladder, it is much easier to get a squirt. Don’t think its urine, not at all, it’s a special secret of a special gland that is connected to the ureter.

Yes, it may seem that you just didn’t have time to run to the toilet, but agree, the sensations are much more acute and pleasant. Some are very lucky because each of their orgasms is accompanied by a powerful squirt! Regardless of whether they were with a partner at that moment or playing with a vibrator.

Many girls from SquirtChat say that such an orgasm has become something new for them, even after many years of sexual life and various exciting experiments. You will see girls from this category on the website, by the way, of course, you can ask them a question about how it happened to them the first time!

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