3 Reasons why men like the Cuckold Live Cam style

3 Reasons why men like the Cuckold Live Cam style

I know many fans of Cuckold Live Cam who believe that such a relationship is ideal for a couple. It’s interesting, but psychologists will partially agree with you. They identified several reasons why a man may seek a polygamous woman, and even bring her lovers.

  1. Low libido – a man cannot satisfy his wife himself, and he likes to watch her enjoy it with somebody else. Sometimes he is haunted by guilt, and he is ready to let her literally everything.
  2. Female masochism is interesting, but sometimes it is a woman who becomes the initiator. She wants to be subordinate to another man, while her husband will be helpless. In this case, if she met a man with sadistic features, this is a great combination.
  3. Moral satisfaction – or compersion. A man can get sexual pleasure only if he sees how great his beloved is with another man.

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